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Meditation & Serene Spaces Ritual Set

Meditation & Serene Spaces Ritual Set

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This rough-cut, handmade, wooden creation adds a tranquil sense of beauty, peace, grounding, and connection to nature into your home. Naturally occurred cracks enhance a beauty of almost a century old tree it was re-born from. It will help you create a Sacred Space to enhance and display all your special items: display your crystals, keep your affirmation card in view, add your favorite flower or leaf, light a candle…the combinations are limitless and unique, just like you!

It is paired with our gorgeous large breathing beads. They are not only a tactile tool for your intentional breathing, but also a beautiful display piece to bring that sense of serenity to any space. The feel of the quartz, the wood, and the cotton provides a calm connection to nature while intentionally allowing your breath to guide you into transformation.

In addition, we included in the set also a carry on small version of beads, made of Picture Jasper crystal. You can infuse it with energy of your altar and carry it wit you in your pocket or bag through out your day.

- Nature Altar with a full display set
- Large Quarts crystal and wood meditation breathing beads
- Carry on small meditation breathing beads - Picture Jasper crystal

Create a ritual for your week or for each day; each time you look at your Nature Altar, allow yourself to be connected to the grounding and calming energy of Nature that connects us all. For

Meditation breathing beads, scan the QR code delivered with your product to access a simple to follow guided instructions how to use it.


Fully Handmade of wood, quartz crystal, picture jasper crystal

This altar is re-born from a century old fallen ash tree from New England forest. Spiritually, ash tree has been always associated with life force energy and was known as a symbol of rebirth, and transformation.
Re-born from the very center of the mighty tree, this heavy, thick cut creation encapsulates a vibrant energy of the forest and nature. It stays immersed in this pristine energy till the very last moment before it gets shipped to you.

We intentionally create our items in a particular way so you can feel the raw wood, its energy and its various textures with your hands - to bring you a sense of grounding and connection; to us and to the larger world of nature where we all meet.


Altar: Height ~3 to 4in | Diameter ~12-13in

Large Meditation Beads: ~ 20 in

Carry on meditation beads: ~6in

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