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Printable Coloring pages with a Sound bath – Vintage Edition

Printable Coloring pages with a Sound bath – Vintage Edition

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Coloring is like a mental spa day!

When you pick up those crayons or colored pencils, it's not just coloring – it's a relaxation magic trick for your mind. The whole process, with its soothing strokes and patterns, feels like a mini-vacation for your brain.

Stress and anxiety? They take a back seat as you dive into the world of colors.

Plus, you get to be creative without worrying about being perfect. It's not just about the pretty pictures; coloring is your ticket to relaxation and a happy mind.

To assist you in your journey, we've curated a unique relaxation experience: Coloring Pages designed to help you connect with your Inner-Self, complemented by a soothing binaural Sound Bath.


What are Binaural beats? - they are like your brain's best friend for relaxation and mental well-being!  These special sounds, with their slightly different frequencies in each ear, work magic on your mind. They help you chill out, ease stress, and even catch better Z's at night. It's like a symphony for your brain, helping it sync up and stay cool. Plus, they're awesome for boosting your creativity and keeping your emotions in check.

This specially curated experience is your individual path to tranquility - hope you'll enjoy it! 🌈✨

It is not a physical product!

What is included in a digital download zip file:

  • 1 file containing 15 coloring pages (.pdf) - print ready US letter (8.5 x 11in) / A4
  • 1 Binaural beats Soundtrack (.m4a file)
  • 1 folder with 15 individual images (.png) for digital coloring on iPad or Tablet

After purchasing, you will receive a link where you can download all files. After you download and save your files, you can print a pdf or use individual images digitally on your iPad or Tablet. For the best effect of listening to the binaural Soundtrack, please use your headphones.

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