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Daily Intention Ritual Set - Jade

Daily Intention Ritual Set - Jade

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Creating a daily practice of setting intentions is like giving ourselves a gentle nudge towards mindful living. When we take a moment each day to tune into what we truly want and where we want to go, it sets the tone for our thoughts and actions. This simple ritual helps us stay focused amidst life's distractions, allowing us to prioritize what matters most and channel our energy into what aligns with our aspirations.

To help your create your rituals, we've crafted a Daily Intention Ritual Set – entirely handmade for your special moments.

What is in the Set:

Handmade blank Intention cards - 2 sets of 12 cards
-There's a something special in handwriting our intentions. Pick a card and write down your intention. Each card has a hand-pressed image of a dandelion as a reminder to dream big and let our intentions fly freely. Cards can be written on both sides, either in a portrait or a landscape mode. If you need more of them, additional card sets are readily available.

Handmade wooden Intention display
- Our hand-made wooden display made of a century old ash tree adds a sense of beauty, peace, and grounding that nature brings forth into its design. We mindfully designed it to showcase your intention in a special manner. Featuring a quartz crystal at the back to radiate through the card and amplify your intention, a small glass jar serving as a home for a flower or twig, and a special space for displaying your favorite crystal or votive at the forefront. It creates an ideal display for your intentions, either on your desk, bedside, or any other special spot in your home.

Handmade Crystal meditation breathing beads - Jade
- After writing your intention, embed it in the crystal beads, so you can carry it with you throughout your day. Hold it in your pocket or your bag - every time you touch it, you will get a tactile and energetic reminder of your intention, ensuring its constant presence and influence. If the day takes unexpected turn, you can use your beads also as a tool for mindful breathing and grounding. Just take few deep breaths and turn inwards - and your calm is back.


Fully Handmade of wood, Jade crystal, eco whitewashed finish, cold pressed thick cardstock paper


Holder: Height ~1.5-2in | Diameter ~5in

Blank Cards: 3 x 4.5in, can be written on both sides, as portrait or landscape

Meditation Beads: ~ 5in

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